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Meet The Authors

Chris Toedt

Please just call me Chris.

I was born Christopher Lyn Toedt on April 5, 1951 in Ames, Iowa and raised in Jenks and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

My parents raised me Christian and I learned respect lovingly of course. At an early age my health went South quickly after having all the childhood illnesses by the end of the First grade. In Second grade I came down with scarlet and rheumatic fever from frequent ear infections and strep throat. My tonsils and adenoids had to be removed to try and halt further problems. I had a “normal” childhood” and a wonderful family to nurture and care for me. Two younger sisters, Christy and Nancy, one and five years younger respectfully​.

Our family was not financially well off, but we had love and we always had food on our plate. I did not have a great appetite but enjoyed most foods with two exceptions​, Goulash and Okra which is the Official State Weed of Oklahoma.

During my working years I was in the US Navy, employed by the City of Tulsa in the Water and Sewer and Police and Fire Department’s as a Draftsman. Worked as a Policeman, Private Investigator, Commercial Salvage Diver, Diving Instructor and spent a fair amount of time overseas in Greece. My Dad was the first Landscape Architect in Oklahoma in 1954 when we moved here from Iowa. Dad wrote for nearly fifty years an article in the Farm and Ranch section of the Tulsa Sunday World Newspaper. I believe that’s where I got the ink in my blood to write.

In about 1998 I awoke one morning and felt God was urging me to share my story of how I coped with my chronic conditions. I’d had many friends and family members over the years proceeding ask me, “Chris, you really need to write a book as people need to know how you handle all these problems and stay half way sane”? Well I started gathering my thoughts, journalling and researching for this book that God was birthing in my Soul.

On June the fifth of 2015 I met Amy Michelle Howard and over the next few weeks we talked about everything under the sun and health issues came to the front burner. With Amy Michelle having several chronic conditions herself we decided to join forces and turn our story into an actual series. Now less than a month short of two years we have a contract on our book series and we are about one month from printing.



Amy Howard

Born on April the 30th, 1969 in Ada, Oklahoma.

She attended school there, worked for her Grandfather in the oilfield business selling drilling mud before moving to the Tulsa area.In her higher education she attended East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma graduating with two medical degrees. She worked for Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma for about 14 year’s as the Administrator of Medical Record’s. She is now the Registered Health Information Administrator of a new State of Art Rehabilitation Hospital in Tulsa.

Amy Michelle has an innate ability to think on her feet and motivate people. Her medical knowledge is vast and many times I actually get a diagnosis from her without even going to the doctor. We both live in Collinsville, Oklahoma and enjoy the small town lifestyle. It has been a true blessing to work with Amy on this, our first book series.

We are now working on several other books to hopefully be published in the near future. A true love story titled “I just met a girl named Maria”. A wonderful woman I fell in love with in Athens, Greece in the early 1990’s. A little on the Juicy side, it reads great and flows seamlessly from one event to the next. We have just passed 120,000 word’s today so it will be a long book even after editing. So we are looking for the best publisher for this story. Our other series we are still working on is “Pizza, Pesto and the Pits”.  This book is one you will want in your kitchen with all of Chris’s Great Pizza and Pesto recipes.

Everybody loves food and fellowship and whether you are Christian or not it’s a great read. We have found that when people get together and eat, it’s nearly impossible not to have a some great conversations even with strangers. But once people become comfortable with you they will open up. This is where real trust, deep and intimate sharing becomes real and then you can really help them.